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Your Kind of Town

So you are moving to Chicago? Congratulations!

Chicago is home to beautiful Lake Michigan, open-air music, championship teams, vibrant neighborhoods, leafy suburbs, and excellent dining. And now, Chicago is home… to you!

Chicago’s culture runs deep. Our colorful character is like no other city on the planet. If you are lucky enough to be moving here, why not choose a relocation consultant who understands Chicagoland?

Our Relocation Specialist has twenty years of search experience and in providing consultation services to employees as they change jobs, cities, and states. As a licensed real estate broker who has lived in the Chicago area for 25 years, our specialist can provide the information, resources, and support you need as you transition to your new home town.

Let us Help

  • Find the Perfect Home
  • Assess Neighborhoods and School Districts
  • Calculate Cost of Living
  • Find Spouse Employment
  • Research Senior and Day Care
  • Find Advanced Education Opportunities
  • Navigate Public Transportation/Commute Times
  • Provide Special Expertise in Residential ADA Accommodations

Contact Cambridge Consulting Services to start your move to Chicago! 

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