The Cambridge Consulting Team

Jennifer Graham

Jennifer Graham



Jennifer has 20 years of experience as a recruiter for sales representatives in a variety of markets. While she enjoys building client and candidate relationships based on trust and open communication, her favorite part of recruiting is identifying that elusive perfect candidate on a difficult search project.  The more challenging the search, the more satisfying it is to present a client with a top-notch candidate who fits every requirement. Contributing to a match between an employee who is thrilled with his new company and an employer who found the candidate of their dreams… that’s what Jennifer loves about her work.





Robert Slawson

Robert has over 20 years of recruitment experience, but tries to start every new search for his clients with the enthusiasm he had when he first started as a recruiter. He feels that each client deserves a high level of passion, commitment, and dedication necessary for success in today’s competitive marketplace. Robert takes great pride in finding that special “needle in the haystack” by listening to his candidate’s wishes and concerns, taking a consultative approach to the recruitment process, and facilitating offers with honesty and clarity.  The opportunity to be involved in a win-win scenario is what Robert finds most fulfilling.






Adrienne Colvert

Adrienne brings her education and experience in business consulting from Deloitte to her role at Cambridge. She enjoys the process of researching and locating talented candidates who would normally not surface for a particular search. Knowing that she has identified someone who will be a pleasant surprise for the client is especially satisfying.  In addition, Adrienne takes pride in keeping the administrative side of the business running efficiently and effectively for both internal and external customers.







Rondi Raymond

LinkedinRondi’s service-oriented approach is driven by a true desire to align each candidate’s experience, talents, and goals with the vision and values of the right organization. After spending several years in the sales field, serving in a variety of roles including product specialist, customer development, and marketing, she has a strong understanding of the day-to-day lives and motivations of her candidates. With an emphasis on clear and honest communication, Rondi’s goal is to bring positive change to the lives of her candidates and to be a trusted source as they navigate the delicate process of a career change.






Kathryne Slawson

Kathryne is all about the relationships. She likes to spend time learning about her candidates—really listening to their career goals, their work/life balance needs, etc. For Kathryne, the best part of her day is when she gets to call candidates to tell them she has secured an interview for their dream job. Hearing the excitement in a candidate’s voice after they have started in a new position they love is worth all the work it takes to get them there.







Clare Kelly

Clare believes the most important part of any company is its people. She knows that in order to foster a successful relationship between an employee and employer, an employee must have the skills, hunger, and experience required for the position, while the employer should provide a company culture that promotes strong communication and opportunity for growth. With her background in operations, human resources, and sales, Clare is excited to provide support to the Cambridge Consulting team as they deliver the most qualified candidates to our clients. Clare enjoys taking on new challenges every day, as each one is an opportunity to learn and  grow as a part of the Cambridge team.




Andrea Markewych

Andrea MarkewychAndrea comes to us with more than 10 years of experience in sales and marketing, and truly enjoys the relationships that are formed while working to help aspiring professionals achieve their goals. She is excited about having the opportunity to change peoples lives by helping them find their dream jobs, and looks forward to motivating and empowering her candidates with her positive attitude and communication skills. Andrea understands how challenging a career change can be, and hopes to become a trusted source of support for each of her candidates while they navigate the process. 



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